Wishing for A Little More and A Little Less This Thanksgiving

Vijay Violet
3 min readNov 23, 2023


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I wish for more this Thanksgiving. More time with those near and dear to me. More love and friendship. More peace. More of all that money cannot buy. I also wish for less. Less of the excesses. Less hate. Less waste. Less war.

Thanksgiving is decidedly bittersweet, both individually and collectively. Personally, even as it brings us together and reminds us of the good times, it is also an occasion to remember the ones we have lost. Collectively, even as many of us in North America celebrate the occasion, for native American Indians it is not a time of joy. Helping educate the indigeneous, such as through the American Indian College Fund, is one way we can make amends.

This year, it is impossible not to think of the many lives that continue to be lost and shattered by the war in Ukraine and the war in the Middle East. Wars born of classical greed for land and power waged by madmen — some using religion as an excuse — without regard to human suffering. Wars born of a failure to agree to terms by ineffective local leaders of the conflicts — conflicts that have brewed for a long while before the current wars began, as global powers watched from the sidelines letting their own self-interests guide their actions.

Millions have been rendered homeless and refugees by the ongoing wars in Ukraine and Gaza. The scale of death and destruction is mind boggling. The death of thousands of children is especially heart-wrenching. Many more thousand children have likely suffered serious physical injuries. Even more may endure mental health scars for life. Thankfully, children are known to be resilient, and with support, perhaps many can overcome what their lives have been put through for no fault of theirs, except for being born at the wrong place at the wrong time.

What can all of us, far removed from the wars, do from our living rooms? A little more loving and giving. This link has short descriptions and links to eight organizations to aid people suffering in the Israel-Gaza region, addressing a variety of needs from basic food and shelter necessities to mental health. Our contributions went to Save the Children.

A little less hating. Perhaps we can call out hate for any group no matter from where they come and no matter at whom they are directed, when we encounter them in private message groups or public forums. No group is inherently good or bad. There is no room for antisemitism. Nor is there any room for spreading hatred of Palestinians.

History and geography have led us to the wars today. They also have lessons to guide us to peace. May there be peace, love, and happiness!

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